“The mind is not a vessel to

                           be filled, but a fire to be

                              ignited.” – Plutarch


Delta Secondary School’s English Department provides a program for its students based on Ministry of Education guidelines.  Our program provides opportunities for all students to:

•    Comprehend and respond in oral and written forms
•    Communicate ideas, information, and feelings using a variety of media
•    Think critically, creatively, and reflectively
•    Develop an evolving understanding of self and others

Key Components
•    Oral Language (Speaking and Listening)
•    Reading and Viewing
•    Writing and Representing

Within each of these three curriculum organizers (Oral Language, Reading & Viewing, Writing & Representing) there is focus on the purposes, strategies, thinking, and features that are appropriate for learners at the grade level. Clear, specific learning outcomes guide assessment and teaching; they are shared with students and parents to enable all to have common understanding of achievement expectations.

                                                                                                          Delta School District:  Language Arts

Educational Opportunities

The Department offers a wide range of experiences for our students:

•    English 8
•    English 9
•    English 10 or English First Peoples 10
•    English 11 or English First Peoples 11
•    English 12 or English First Peoples 12
•    Creative Writing 12