Grad Info

Grad Council is a group of grade 12 students that comes together every year to make their grad the best it can be. All grads are welcome to be a part of the council and are encouraged to get involved to have fun and help fundraise for their grad dinner dance. Grad Council meets at least once a month through out the year and plays an important part of the graduation process. In late September of each year the school facilitates an election of a Grad Executive. The Executive is made up of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Spirit team. Interested candidates submit a nomination form and then make a short speech to the grad council outlining why they should be elected to a position on the Executive. Next is election day where the lucky candidates find out if they have been selected by their peers to lead their grad class in the biggest year of their grade school experience. With the elections behind them the Grad Executive gets down to business, meeting weekly to plan up coming fundraising events and fun grad activities. The emphasis is on both fundraising and fun with the prime directive of the Grad Executive being to bring the grad class together and make all grade 12s feel a part of the big graduation event. All grade 12s should get involved with this group in some way or other. If anyone is interested in helping with this experience they can talk to their school counsellor, Mrs. Leary in the school’s main office, Mr. McNaughton (Rm 2707), Mr. Allan (Rm 2716) or Mr. Pavao..

2023/2024 Grad Council

Co-Presidents: Cali Dagenais & Isaac Sato-Klemm

Vice-President: Teaghan Papadopolous

Secretary: Keira Chan

Spirit Team Leader


Dry Grad Registration Form – due April 1st

Grad  Banquet & Dance – May 31, 2024

Commencement – June 25, 2024

Grad Commentaries