Flex Time

FLEX TIME – N/A for 2021-22 school year

 Flex Time is 40 minutes of instructional time built in between 1st and 2nd Period (4 days a week) where students can self-regulate and prioritize their learning.  Students choose their course, register to attend and attendance is taken.

Reasons for Flex Time:

    • Complete Assignments and reduce homework
    • Receive help from your teacher
    • Catch up on work missed due to absence
    • Collaborate on group work
    • Study for tests and quizzes
    • Extention/Inquiry activities of interest


    • Sign up for Flex in advance
    • Be in that learning space with one of your teachers
    • Arrive on time with all of the supplies needed for the class
    • Actively complete individual, group or personal interest or extension work
    • Attend a Flex period when a certain teacher requests it

Flex Time is not for:

    • Socializing
    • Using e-devices to waste time
    • Wandering the halls
    • Leaving school
    • Rehearsals, clubs, or team practices
    • Visiting the cafeteria