Career Life Connections & Capstone Project

CLC & Capstone (Class of 2020)

CLC and Capstone Presentation

CLC Coordinator – Mrs. Munns

CLC Team – Mrs. Munns, Ms. Jew, Mr. Pavao, Mr. Annandale, Ms. Callander

Career Life Connections – Important Points

CLC is a 2-credit course that replaces the content of the old Graduation Transitions Program and focuses on three major themes to prepare you for life after high school

  • Personal Development (preparation for post graduation)
  • Connections to Community (perspectives and transferable skills)
  • Career Life Plan (career, finances, education, health & well-being)
  • Minimum of 30 hours career exploration and volunteer opportunities

CLC will be offered as a course in the library to work with a member of the CLC team to complete the course (offered through Google Classroom)

  • October & November – students report on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (during Career Ed 12 block) to check-in and provide a progress update
  • Goal is to have students complete the CLC (curriculum) by December 1st.  After successful completion of the course, the block will become a study block for students for the remainder of the school year.

A final mark (percentage) will be recorded on the final report card in June.

Capstone Project – Important Points

Capstone is a 2-credit course component required for graduation and is an inquiry regarding a topic of interest for a student.

Capstone and CLC run concurrently with a tentative timeline of Capstone Presentations the week of February 3 – 7th.

Options for the Capstone Project

  • Inquiry/Research Capstone (further inquiry into a specific topic)
  • Event/Service Capstone (hosting of an event)
  • Project Based Capstone (creative of a tangible object)
  • Career/Entrepreneur Capstone (entrepreneurial interest)

Components of the Capstone Project

  • The Proposal (requires approval from the Capstone Coordinator)
  • The Experience (working with a mentor through the process)
  • The Portfolio (physical or digital portfolio summarizing your Capstone experience)
  • The Presentation (presentation of Capstone)
  • The Reflection (reflection on the experience, new learning and next steps)

Google Classroom Access Codes (using student’s GAFE accounts

  • uk39mal – CLC 12 Google Classroom
  • vrcrim4 – Capstone Project Google Classroom