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The on-line system is the only way for your child to select courses at Delta Secondary.  If your child is not currently registered at Delta Secondary, please contact the school office.  The on-line selection will be active and open until March 8, 2019.  Student course requests are made through Student Connect.  Parents approve their child’s requests on Parent Connect.  Parent Connect will not only allow you to approve your child’s course requests but it will also allow you to check their attendance, see their grades, and update family information and more.

If a students’ course requests can’t be satisfied, students will be enrolled in their alternative choice.  It is essential, therefore, that students consider the task of choosing courses as a major responsibility.  Once choices have been made by the student and the master timetable has been built, it becomes extremely difficult, and likely impossible to make course changes.  In September 2019, before any course change will be considered, students will be required to supply a letter – signed by a parent/guardian – which specifically requests a course change and explains the rationale for the desired change.

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  • Generally, study periods are intended only for Grade 12 students with heavy course loads.  Whenever study periods are granted to students, it is with the expectation that they will use the time to ensure greater success in their school work.  Students on study are expected to make productive use of this time by completing assignments, organizing notes, reviewing, studying, researching, reading, or participating in some other school related activity.
    During a study period, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which does not disturb students or teachers in other classes.  More specifically, during non-instructional time students should:

    • plan study activities to consume the “full” period
    • class bells signal the beginning and the end of study block
    • refrain from spending time at lockers , in hallways, or outside on the school grounds
    • confine study time activities to the library or cafeteria for the full period.