Mission Statement

Delta Secondary is dedicated to helping its citizens on their personal journey of growth and achievement. We strive for excellence in and out of the classroom as well as in our contributions to the greater community. We as a school value diversity and inclusion as we strive to ensure that all school activities are inclusive, accessible and equitable for students. We challenge our students to become their best selves in a supportive environment that encourages risk taking, cooperation, mutual respect and celebration as a school community.

At Delta Secondary we all strive to be a good “Pacer”:

  • Participate – get involved, make a difference
  • Achieve – strive to be the best that you can be
  • Care – support one another and be there for each other
  • Explore – find your passion, find your purpose
  • Respect – respect yourself and others

As members of the Delta Secondary community, we are committed to the following district goals:

  • ALL students will have at least two adults in the school who believe that they will be a success in life
  • ALL students will develop the skills, strategies and tools to have success in the areas of literacy and numeracy
  • ALL students will demonstrate an understanding of themselves as learners by answering the “BIG Three Questions”; What am I learning? How is my learning going? Where to next?
  • ALL students will graduate with dignity, purpose, passion and options