“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things” – Flora Lewis 

Delta Secondary School’s Languages Department provides a program for its students based on Ministry of Education guidelines.  Our program provides opportunities for all students to:

  • Derive and negotiate meaning in a wide variety of contexts in foreign languages
  • Experience the creative works of other cultures to help us develop our own identities, and appreciation of cultures worldwide.
  • Express oneself and engage in conversations in foreign languages, which requires courage and risk taking.

Our curricula represent an integrated approach to language acquisition. With this approach, the following components of language acquisition are viewed as interconnected rather than in isolation:

Key Components
•    Oral Language (Speaking, Listening, and Interacting)
•    Reading and Deriving Meaning
•    Writing and Creative Thinking
•    Culture and Identity

Within our second language courses, there is a focus on the strategies and features that aid comprehension and production of language. These components provide our learners the experiences through which they can gain new perspectives, engage with foreign language speaking communities, and become proficient users of foreign languages.

Educational Opportunities

The Department offers a wide range of experiences for our students:

  • French 8 – 12
  • Spanish 9-12
  • German 11 Introductory
  • German 11-12