Welcome to Delta Secondary School


Our first term is now over and report cards were posted in December.  Congratulations to all students who achieved Principals List standing or Honor Roll and G Club status through your hard work and dedication to your studies.  Copies of all of the lists are posted in the office.

For those students who experienced some difficulty in courses this past term now is the time to make changes and develop a plan for improvement.  Attending all classes on time, keeping up with assignments, and asking for extra help when you need it are all steps in the right direction.  Make a commitment now to put yourself in a stronger academic position at the end of the next term.  Your teachers, counselors and administrators are available to help you get extra support if you need it this term.

Although we had a late start to the school year Delta Secondary staff and students quickly got back into school life in and out of the classroom.  Some of the highlights for the fall were:


  • Junior Boys volleyball tenth place provincial finish.
  • Senior Boys Volleyball eight place provincial finish.
  • All DSS fall athletic teams worked hard, competed and achieved success.


  • DSS Music Students participating in a program with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.
  • Dance Academy students participated in Fright Night at Halloween.
  • Both groups along with the Media Arts students presented a respectful and poignant Remembrance Day ceremony for our school community.
  • Our Dance Academy had an entertaining holiday performance.
  • Our Music students had an outstanding holiday concert.


  • DSS students attend Me to We Day.
  • Grad Fundraising and Boat Cruise.
  • DSS Green Team studying the effectiveness of the new recycling system.
  • Student government organizing Spirit Week, Halloween, Diwali and Christmas activities.
  • Grade 8 Tug of War and Christmas Breakfast.
  • DSS DYAC (District Youth Advisory Council) hosted the first district meeting.
  • DSS Focus Group working on an Inquiry Question around student engagement.
  • Academic Leadership class running fundraising activities to raise money for Kyle McConachy.
  • Our students put together Christmas hampers for 15 families in need.
  • Lunch hour Open Mic organized by the DSS Performers Club.

Delta Secondary School is a vibrant, exciting learning community and I feel very privileged to be a part of it. 

Ms. Jeanette Beaulieu, Principal