Welcome to Delta Secondary School



I am very happy to welcome all of you back to the 2016-2017 school year and a special welcome to those students and staff who are new to the Delta Secondary community!
Our school has been closed for the summer for extensive seismic renovations.  However, as we are moving closer to the start of the year our building appears to be in good shape.  Although the seismic upgrade has been disruptive and chaotic at times, I have been very impressed with the flexibility and cooperation of all of our staff and students during the last year.  On the positive side much of the construction is now completed and we are starting off the year with many new positive additions.  Our learning commons, theater, and cafeteria have all been renovated and many of our classrooms have also been upgraded physically and with improved technology.  The seismic upgrade will continue throughout the year with the target completion date being March 31st, 2017, however most of the work inside the school has been finished.
As our school year gets underway I encourage all students to get involved in life outside of the classroom.  Information on school events, clubs, and teams are read on the daily announcements which will now also be posted on our new sixteen television screens which have been positioned throughout the school.  There will also be a "Clubs Day" on Thursday,  September 29th  at  lunch time in the cafeteria.  At this time,  information on all school clubs will be available to students.
I encourage parents to continue to be involved in our school community.  We will have our "Meet the Teacher Evening" on Thursday, September 22nd.  This is an opportunity for parents to come and follow their child's class schedule and have a brief introduction to their subject teachers and courses.  A further opportunity is to join our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) which meets every third Wednesday of the month.  Our first meeting is on Wednesday, September 21st at 7:00 in our new conference room by the office.

Once again, I extend a very warm Pacer welcome to all students and my very best wishes for a successful school year!

Ms. Jeanette Beaulieu, Principal