Welcome to Delta Secondary School


Delta Secondary School continues to be a very busy place with learning happening inside and outside of the classroom on a daily basis.  In September, our Clubs Day provided information to students about a number of co-curricular opportunities that they could be involved in at lunch or after school.  Below is the list of clubs generated from that day, along with the teacher sponsor:

First Responders Club Mr. Harkley
Business Club Mr. Uzama
Chess Club Mr. Sakakibara
Curling Club Ms. Haynes
Debate Club Mr. Powell
Drag Racing Club Mr. Mynott
Duke of Edinburgh Ms. Colls
DYAC/Focus Group Mr. Pavao
Environmental Club Mr. Eichorn
Grad Club Mrs. Bowling, Mr. Harkley & Ms. Tsui
Guitar Building Club Mr. Addison, Mr. Boldt, and Mr. Mar
Interac Club Ms. Soong & Ms. Tsui
Int'l Friendship Assoc. Mr. Dobrovolny
Japanese Club Ms. Haynes
Karaoke Club Ms. Campbell & Ms. Tsui
Lego Building Club Ms. Morrison
Magic – The Gathering Club Ms. Morrison
Metaleers Club Mr. Cowen
Model United Nations Club Mr. Powell
Mosaique Club Ms. Wiens
Open Gym at Lunch Mr. Oldham & Mr. Bisschoff
Netflix Club Ms. Cannon
Pacer Productions Club Mr. Boldt & Mrs. Bowling
Performance Club Ms. Campbell & Mr. Dobrovolny
Robotics Club Ms. Thompson
Student Government Mr. Rechlin & Mr. Pannu
Stagecraft & Crew Club Ms. Morrison
WE Club Ms. Cannon

In addition to the Clubs listed above there is also the opportunity to receive tutoring on Monday and Wednesday after school in the cafeteria.  Our senior students provide this free service.  Mrs. Andersen, also offers free Math tutoring for Grade 8-10 students on Tuesday and Wednesday afterschool in Room 1402.

Please contact the teacher or come by the office if you would like information on any of the DSS Clubs or are interested in starting a new club.

Ms. Jeanette Beaulieu, Principal