Code of Conduct

Student Rights and Responsibilities



I have a right to feel safe and secure both physically and emotionally.
I am responsible for ensuring that other people do not feel threatened, intimidated or hurt.

I have a right to be treated with respect and dignity and to be free from discrimination based on race, religion or customs.
I am responsible for treating others with respect and dignity and for respecting the race the race, religion and customs of others.

I have a right to learn.
I am responsible for listening to others, working quietly and, cooperatively, and completing assignments to the best of my ability.

I have the right to have my personal property treated with respect.
I am responsible for treating all property with respect.

I have the right to a clean and tidy environment.
I am responsible for doing my share to keep our environment clean.

School Policies

Accidents and Illness
If you become ill or get injured during class time, notify the classroom teacher who will assist you. If illness or injury occurs outside of the classroom, report to the office, or have someone notify a staff member, or the office, whichever is the most convenient. If your condition is serious, your parents will be notified. If your parents cannot be contacted, the school administration will secure any necessary medical attention. Students are not permitted to leave for home when ill until their parents have been contacted by the office.
It a student will be away from school for an extended period of time due to illness, a parent should contact the school to arrange the collection of school work to be taken home. For absences of only a few days, parents are asked to make direct contact with their child”s classroom teachers or classmates to deal with missed work.
Students are encouraged to purchase the voluntary accident insurance which covers participants in both curricular and extra-curricular activities sponsored by the school. Insurance forms will be distributed early in September.
Attendance and Punctuality
Regular and punctual attendance is fundamental to success at Delta Secondary School. Teachers should be able to assume that students will always be in class, on time, unless there is a justifiable reason for absence. Occasionally, students must miss classes for unavoidable reasons such as illness or emergencies. If a student is to be absent from school, a parent must contact the school by telephone (before 1:00 p.m.) to advise us of the absence. The teachers of that student will be informed of the excused absence at the end of the day.

  • Appointments
    It is recommended that medical, dental and other appointments be made outside of school time. Students who request dismissal for an appointment must present a written excuse to their teacher, then present the note again at the office to the receptionist in order to sign out, When returning from the appointment students must sign in at the office.
  • Attendance Reporting
    Attendance is taken in each class and is reported to the office at the end of the day. Parents of students with irregular attendance will be contacted by the Parent Phoning Committee.
  • Lates
    Students who are late must report directly to their class. Any student who arrives late to school after period one with a note to excuse or whose parent has called to excuse the late must sign in at the office for an admission slip to class.

Students are reminded that special care must be exercised in driving near the school. Students may park on the streets surrounding the school. Please do not park in the staff parking lot at the front of the school or in spaces that are designated as “handicap parking”. Please avoid the bus loading zone and fire lanes. Students who disregard parking regulations may have their vehicles towed away. These regulations also apply to the Genesis Theatre area.
Bicycle racks are provided in several locations around the school. All bicycles must be locked. We cannot assume financial responsibility for damaged or stolen bicycles, but we will make every effort to assist students in recovering any loss.
Conduct and Discipline
Your general conduct has been, and always will be, of concern to parents and teacher. We believe that it is better to keep rules to a minimum and allow common sense, courtesy and safety to guide our actions. If you get into some sort of difficulty we will make every effort to understand the situation, and where necessary, administer discipline fairly and consistently. We have been successful in keeping serious discipline problems to a minimum by working closely with your parents.
Any action that jeopardizes the safety, health or well being of an individual or group in the school or demonstrates a lack of respect for school or personal property will be subject to serious consequences. These may include suspension from school, suspension from school activities, or suspension to the School Board which, in turn, may result in being sent to another school or expulsion from the school district.
Drugs, Smoking, and Drinking
Smoking by students on the school premises, on a school bus, or at school sponsored functions is prohibited. Consuming, possessing, or distributing alcohol or drugs is not permitted on the way to or from school, or at school related functions.
Violations of any of these regulations will be dealt with severely and may lead to the student being suspended or referred to the School Board. As well, students may be suspended from Grad or school activities.
Dress Code
Students are expected to come to school dressed in a manner which is acceptable and is in good taste. Footwear must be worn at all times. Students dressed inappropriately in the opinion of a staff member will be sent to the office and may be instructed to go home for a change of clothes.
Fire Alarms
Whenever a fire alarm sounds and classes are in session, the teacher will lead students to the nearest exit (locations are posted on the classroom wall). Students are expected to exit in single file, without talking or running. Students are led well away from the buildings, keeping access roadways open for entry by the fire department. Students are to remain with their teacher. If a fire alarm sounds and classes are not in session or you have a study period, you are to proceed to the nearest exit without talking or running as per the procedure above. Students will return to the classrooms upon the “all clear” signal of three sets of rings on the school bell. Reminder all fire alarms are to be taken seriously and evacuation procedures followed! It should be noted that tampering with fire equipment is an offense under federal law There will be extremely serious consequences for students found to be tampering with fire alarms or fire fighting equipment.
Lockers are assigned by teachers at the beginning of the school year. Lockers are on loan to students and must be kept in good order. Students are responsible for the locker assigned to them and as such, are responsible to pay for any damage to the locker. Students are advised to buy good quality locks such as those that may be purchased at the office for $5.00. Combinations must be recorded with the office. Students are responsible for the contents of their lockers and therefore, for security reasons, students should not share a locker or a combination lock with anyone. Students are advised NOT to leave valuables in their lockers at any time. The school reserves the right to remove locks when necessary.
P.E. Clothing and personal items should be locked in a gym locker during P.E. class. Do not leave valuables in the gym changing rooms.
Medical Alerts
Parents of students with medical conditions must complete a Medical Alert Card which will be kept on file in the office. Medical Alert Cards are available at the front desk in the office.
Study Blocks
The usual course load for students at Delta Secondary School is eight subjects per year. Study Blocks are generally not recommended, and are intended primarily for students in grade 12. Students may study either at home or at school. Students who choose to be at school during a study period are expected to not disturb students or teachers in other classes. During a study period students should:

  • Confine study block activities to the Library, Cafeteria, or some other reasonable study area inside the school for the entire period; and refrain from spending time at lockers, in hallways, or outside on the school grounds.

Students are to refrain from using phones during class time, and to restrict conversation to a minimum. In an emergency students may, upon request, use an office phone.