Flex Time

Flex Time

Own Your Learning

Flex Time acknowledges that students lead busy lives and navigate competing demands for their time in and outside of school. Flex Time provides students the opportunity to self-direct and engage in their own learning. While some school wide initiatives might occur during Flex Time, teachers will not be teaching new course material. Teachers will be accessible to students for additional help and guidance on current and ongoing learning. As this is school instructional time, students are expected to be in a classroom for the entire Flex Time period.

What are the benefits of Flex Time?

Flex time provides the opportunity to:

  • Complete assignments
  • Practice presentations
  • Study for tests and quizzes
  • Receive help from a teacher
  • Catch up on assignments missed due to absence or illness
  • Collaborate with classmates on group assignments
  • Reduce homework
  • Meet with a counsellor, youth worker or administrator

Where do students go during Flex Time?

  • Students are expected to be in one of their teacher’s classrooms
  • Students may also schedule an appointment in advance with a counsellor, youth worker, career advisor or administrator

How would we implement Flex Time?

  • Flex time would be introduced gradually to the students in September 2018 with a series of lessons on topics such as time management, goal setting, self-awareness/self-regulation, and growth-mindset┬áthat will help them productively use their time
  • There will also be a number of days where students will practice using their Flex Time under the supervision of their first period teacher
  • Later in September when students have demonstrated competency in these fundamental skills, they will be able to choose their learning space for Flex Time

Flex Time