Business Education

The average C.E.O. in Canada made over 8 million dollars last year, and retires before the age of 55.  Business Education is offered free of charge, you do the math!  If you want a head start on a career in the exciting, challenging world of business, come join us!

Business Education 10

This course is the precusor to all business courses at D.S.S.  A form of "umbrella" course that covers Entreprenuership, Marketing, Finance, Business Communications and job readiness skills.  Consider this as your first step into the business world.

Info Tech 9 & Business Computer Applications 11

Come to one of these classes and break all those bad habits you developed over the years.  Gone is the two fingered "hunt & peck" style of typing.  We practice and enforce the "touch typing" method with 10 fingers and aim for 60 to 80 words per minute and sometimes kids do better than that!  We also learn how to produce a variety of business documents and use all the Microsoft Office programs.

Accounting 11 and 12

Accounting - the language of business. There are two levels in the course:  intro and advanced.  During the class you learn how to deal with all the money in business.  Everyone should take this course, especially if you like money!







Marketing 11

Marketing makes the business world go round.  Join the class if you want to learn the ins and outs how companies big and small set themselves apart from their competition.  You will work on loads of interesting projects where you will create your own advertising magic.  This course can help you decide if you are interested in a career in business and give you a solid foundation in marketing principles.


Entrepreneurship 12

Entrepreneurship is a great course for people who want to get an idea of how business works.  There are three big projects:  first is the Christmas Corporate Business where your 15 person group competes for business supremacy and sells a Christmas product.  Second is an individual project where students try to invent a new technology or product and compete for a Mash-Up scholarship.  Finally, there is a small group project where groups of 2 or 3 students work together to create a business that sells products to everyone else in the school,  All profits the business makes goes to the students and to Grad.  Business skills that help you everyday of your life.