Grade 11 Social Studies

 Social Studies 11   Human Geography Assignment  

    CIA Worldfactbook 

   Human Rights Watch  

   The World Bank   


  Social Studies 11

Canadian Military History Gateway

Canada and the First World War

Canadian War Museum

First World : Life in the Trenches

Canadians at Ortona

The American Woman's Army Corps WWII presents Maps of WWII - a collection of black and white maps of WW II

Veteran Affairs site on Canada's participation in World War II

First Nations

Legacy of Hope Foundation; Raising Awareness of the Legacy of Residential Schools in Canada  

Highlights in this website :

Under Projects & Programs - Videos

    » Where are the Children? - video 27:49min.
    » Our Stories… Our Strength - video 7:14 min.

Under About Residenital School - Church and Government of Canada Apologies The Day of the Apology 18:40 min.
     Statement and Video Apology from Prime Miinister Stephen Harper June 11,2008           

Truth and Reconciliation Commission