Grade 10 Social Studies

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 Lonely Planet Canada 

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The Great Canadian Road Trip

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British Columbia

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories

Development of the West

Canada in the Making                                                                                 
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Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan   

Manitoba Historical Society

Metis- The Canadiana Encyclopedia

Socials 10 - BC/Local History

Station One :   Explorer Captain George Vancouver
Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Station Two:   Fort Victoria & Fort Langley
Fort Langley National Historic Site of Canada 

Hudson Bay Company at Fort Victoria

Station Five - Ladner
Encyclopedia of British Columbia 

Station Six - Building the Railway

The Canadian Encyclopedia   

Station Eight :  British Columbia Confederation 

Library and Archives Canada Canadian Confederation of British Columbia

British Columbia joins Confederation                    

Other Good sites :

The Canadian Encyclopedia              

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online      

Library and Archives Canada          

Encyclopedia of British Columbia        
Barkerville Historic Town              

Gastown's Gassy Jack            

First Nations

Legacy of Hope Foundation; Raising Awareness of the Legacy of Residential Schools in Canada  
Highlights in this website :

Under Projects & Programs - Videos

    » Where are the Children? -video 27:49 min.
    » Our Stories… Our Strength -video 7:14 min.

Under About Residenital School -   Church and Government of Canada Apologies  The Day of the Apology 18:40 min.

     Statement and Video Apology from Prime Miinister Stephen Harper June 11,2008           

Truth and Reconciliation Commission