Grade 9 Social Studies

French Revolution 

 Print Materials:      The French Revolution  944.04 STE

                               Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette and the French Revoution  944.04 PLA 

                                World Book Encyclopedia  Volumes :   B,E,F,L,M,R 


 DSS Library  :         Online Research Databases      - World Book Student 

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American Revolution

Station 3 Question 6

Thinkquest Link :Interlerable Acts

Industrial Revolution

General Sites

  Industrial Revolution -Spartacus Educational  

 Industrial Revolution-Where it all began 

 BBC   All Change in the Victorian Age 

 The Industrial Revolution: An Overview,The Victorian Web .


 History of the Industrial Revolution

EH. net Industrial Revolution  


BBC - Women's Work                                                                                                                             - Women Workers

Child Labor

Child Labor in Factories 

Child Labour  during the British Industrial Revolution


First Nations of Canada  Grade 9

First Peoples of Canada

Canadian Encyclopedia

Eastern Woodland

People of the Northwest Coast

The Plateau

The Plains

The Arctic

The Subarctic 

Northwest Coast

First Nations : People of the Northwest Coast


First Nations Plateau : People of the Interior

Arctic & Subarctic

Current Affairs

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development of Canada