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Adamson, I Sr. Resource Room
Addison, G Technology Education
Allan, T. Social Studies, Criminology


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Bamford, D Mathematics
Bazilewich, A. English
Beaulieu, J. Principal
Bjornson, J Learning Assistance
Blatz, C. Social Studies
Boldt, A. 3D Digital Media, Makerspace, Yearbook, Guitar, Tech Coordinator
mbonardelli, M.
Socials, English Strategies
Brar, D English


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Campbell, C Band, Drama, French, Planning
Cheung, J ELL, Lifeskills
Coflin, J Counsellor (A - D)
Colls, H Counsellor (E - K)
Cowan, S Counsellor (Q - Z)
Cowen, D. Technology Education


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Dobrovolny, C. Guitar, Spanish
Dodds, A Senior Alternate


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D. Eichorn Vice-principal


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Filmer, S. Science
French, G. Learning Assistance


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Gadowsky, K Senior Supportive Learning
Garba, L Junior Supportive Learning
Grant, R. Learning Assistance
Gunning, R. English


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Hamalainen, K PE, Home Ec
Harkley, G. Socials, Geography, Economics, Farm School
Haynes, S Learning Assistance, PE
Heiden, J Learning Assistance
Hoglund, D. Social Studies, Law
Huff, D. Humanities, Coordinator of Inquiry


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Khara, J. Math
Kinnis, C Delta Autism Program


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Langtry, D Visual Arts
Loiselle, H Learning Commons
Lopez, B Math
Lynch, C Focus Program


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Mahara, A. Spanish
Mann, P. English, Social Studies
McMillan, J English, Social Studies
Moore, M. Gradquest
Moorhead, M. English, Socials
Morrison, K. Math
Mynott, C. Automotive, Construction


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Novix, W. English


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Pannu, B. Science
Pavao, J Vice-Principal
Peters, J. Aboriginal Studies, ESL, International Student Program Coordinator
Pilling, L. Culinary Arts
Powell, J. Social Studies


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Rechlin, A. French, German
Robson, A PE, Math
Rogers, J. Science
Rohwer, E. Counsellor (L - P)


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Sakakibara, M. Science
Salton, R. Drama, Dance Academy
Sohrevardi, K Science, Math
Soong, T Math, Science
Sweeney, R Home Ec


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Thompson, S. PE, Athletic Director
Townsend, R Math, PE
Trotman, K. PE
Tsui, K. French


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Vanderwood, I. Art, Planning
Veltkamp, T. Science, Farm School, Work Experience
Vieira, N Math
Vuorela, T. Mathematics


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Watson, T Learning Assistance
Wiens, C. ESL, International Student Program
Woods, C. Science


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