On-Line Course Selection

The on-line system is the only way for your child to select courses at Delta Secondary.  If your child is not currently registered at Delta Secondary, please contact the school office.  The on-line selection will be active and open until March 2, 2018.  Student course requests are made through Student Connect.  Parents approve their child's requests on Parent Connect.  Parent Connect will not only allow you to approve your child's course requests but it will also allow you to check their attendance, see their grades, and update family information and more.

Parent and Student Connect
Click to access the Link to Parent Connect or Student Connect
Instructions for using Parent Connect.

Course Planning Worksheets
Grade 8 / Grade 9 / Grade 10 / Grade 11 / Grade 12

Course Descriptions
Grade 8 / Grade 9/ Grade 10 / Grade 11 / Grade 12

Grad Requirements Worksheet