How to access ebooks

How to download your book to your iPad, android tablet or smartphone.
How to access eBooks 1.   Create a user account in the Destiny Library Catalogue.  Create Account icon located in the top right hand corner. 2.   Enter last name and barcode (student number) 3.   Enter birth date 4.   Enter a new username (student #), password (birthdate) and confirm new password 5.   SAVEeBooks on your iPad, android tablet or smartphone. 1.   Go to App Store and install Destiny Quest and Follett *Enlight Reader 2.   Log in to Destiny Quest with your user name and password. Enter the URL for our school library. ( Select  your school from the list.  3.   Set up Follett *Enlight Reader with 4.   URL 5.   User Name & Password 6.   You are ready to browse the Follett Shelf eBooks.