Loran Scholars Foundation Semi-Finalist Announced!

Congratulations to Spencer Richardson on being selected as a semi-finalist by the Loran Scholars Foundation! Spencer Richardson will attend regional interviews in Vancouver on November 28th as part of the selection process for the Loran Awards, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive undergraduate scholarship program.

The Loran Scholars Foundation received a record 4,273 applications this year from schools across Canada. Only the top 10% of candidates are selected as semi-finalists, based on evidence of character, commitment to service in the community and outstanding leadership potential. After regional interviews, approximately 80 students across Canada will be invited to interview at the national level.

Founded in 1988, the Loran Scholars Foundation is dedicated to discovering and developing young leaders of character. It annually selects a class of 30 Loran Scholars, with each scholar receiving a Loran Award valued at up to $100,000 over four years. The foundation will also grant approximately 40 Loran Finalist Awards ($3,000 each) and 40 Loran Provincial Awards ($2,000 each) to promising candidates.


Loran Provincial Award ($2,000 each, 40 available across Canada)

·         Offered after regional interviews to outstanding semi-finalists who are not asked to attend national interviews

·         Tenable at any accredited public university in Canada

Loran Finalist Award ($3,000 each, 40 available across Canada)

·         Offered to national finalists who are not selected as Loran Scholars

·         Tenable at any accredited public university in Canada

Loran Award (up to $100,000 each over four years, 30 available across Canada)

·         $9,000 annual stipend and matching tuition waiver, access to funding and internships through the summer program, invitations to           annual gatherings and forums, and personal mentorship from a business or community leader

·         Tenable at one of 25 partner universities and must be renewed annually