Grade 11 Science

   General ScienceAtomic Energy of Canada Ltd Atomic Energy of Canada LTD. - builds and sells CANDU reactors Biomes of the World Biomes and Ecozones - A research guide for Students Cambridge Astronomy Page The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - FAQ about CANDU reactors Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Inventors and Inventions Theme Page NASA's Internet in the Classroom Initiative - take part in and interact with other teachers and students working a variety of exciting NASA projects non biased informationon nuclear power Virtual Frog Dissection The World's BiomesBiology 11DARWIN Postcard Assignment Darwin: A Naturalists Voyage around the World Kingdom Natural History Museum Beagle Voyage’s Journey of the Beagle online Secular Web Darwin and Natural Selection Museum of Natural History : Darwin 11 The Human Heart Science Learning : A Prescripion for LivingAmerican Heart OrganizationMedline Plus: Heart Disease Physics 11  American Nuclear Society Atomic Energy Canada.  Builders of CANDU reactors. FAQ About Nuclear Energy Nuclear Energy Agency.  This site gives a European (France) perspective World Nuclear Association    1. Nuclear energy/power Envirolink: – excellent very readable paper about the dangers of nuclear pollution. What is radiation? How does it affect the earth, the gene pool, etc. Subtopics in the paper are listed so you do not have to read the whole paper but introduction is highly recommended.Natural Resources Defense Council -  Nuclear Energy , Nonproliferation and Disarmament- good article on - Nuclear Timeline, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Energy