Grade 10 Science

General Science

Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd Atomic Energy of Canada LTD. - builds and sells CANDU reactors
Biomes of the World
Biomes and Ecozones - A research guide for Students
Cambridge Astronomy Page
The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - FAQ about CANDU reactors
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Inventors and Inventions Theme Page

NASA's Internet in the Classroom Initiative - take part in and interact with other teachers and students working a variety of exciting NASA projects non biased informationon nuclear power
Virtual Frog Dissection
The World's Biomes



Science 10    Genetic Disorder Brochure Project


DSS Library -  Online Research Databases

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Websites          March of Dimes  

                        Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Centre  

                        Centre for Genetics Education  

                         National Organization of Rare Disorders 

 List of Genetic Disorders - Wikipedia

 Your Genome

US National Health and Human Services

National Human Genome Institute